Sustainable leather bags manufacturer in Bangladesh

About us

We aspire for a better world together with you. We believe that we are all potential change makers in our own capacity as far as it concerns sustainability and peaceful progress.

Our inclusivity principle is all about diversity. Whether a trader, a labourer or a fair trade advocate or an ethical consumer our doors are open. Preventing catastrophe and calamity is the first priority for those who want a production process free of shame and guilt. This principle is not only evident in firsthand production but also among our fraternity of subcontractors. We are firmly committed to a safe and fair manufacturing culture.

This is not just rhetoric. It is not merely a display of credibility to secure business growth, but a genuine call to embrace an ethical, global and sustainable production culture.

Production capacity:

Size of production floor: 3500 SFT

Monthly Production Capacity: 3500 bags & small goods

Efficient service

Dedicated and committed team

Strong R&D

Strong QC

Shipping on time



Women workforce

Tour to factory

Sustainable materials

Machine and craftsmanship

Care and QC


We Make What Is Good For The Earth