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Founded in 2016, Leatherina is a women-owned, sustainable leather goods manufacturer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At Leatherina, we aspire for a better world, together. As a change maker in the leather industry in Bangladesh, every bag is handmade, using sustainable leather and ethically sourced trims.

With our equitable and majority-female workforce, our growth directly contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5, 10, and 12, focusing on gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, poverty reduction and reduction of inequality, and responsible consumption and production.

As a fair trade company, gender equality and social inclusion, environmental protection, and climate change mitigation are at the forefront of our mission. With each bag made and sold, we empower peaceful progress in the society. This principle is evident not only in our production but also among our stakeholders and partners. We are firmly committed to maintaining a safe and fair manufacturing culture throughout our value chain.

Leatherina offers business-to-business (B2B) partnership opportunities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), corporate supplies, and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales through our own label, Gootipa. Our production expertise includes leather handbags, work bags, leather goods, home décor items, cushions, wallets, organizers, small leather goods, light travel bags, and more.

We proudly export our bags to the Netherlands, Germany, USA, North America, and the UAE, contributing to global markets with our high-quality, sustainably made products.

Join us at Leatherina, where every bag is a step towards a better world.

Why Leatherina

As a fair trade and sustainable bag producer in Bangladesh, we were born to make an impact. We strive to transform our local community, and the larger leather industry in Bangladesh as a pioneer in sustainability, craftsmanship, up-cycling, effective governance, and empowering women in the workforce. We take pride in the following:

  • We are an industry leader in craftsmanship for high quality products among leather bag manufacturers in Bangladesh;
  • Through efficient governance, production, and trade service, we live up to our word to ensure that leather bags made in Bangladesh are regarded highly as our abundant garments industry.
  • Implementing global innovation and trends in environmentally conscious production, we are setting a benchmark for the leather accessories manufacturers Bangladesh.
  • Thanks to our brilliant Research and Development team, we are never short of new concepts;
  • As the leading environment friendly bag manufacturer in Bangladesh, we do not hesitate to go out of our way to guarantee sustainable production for a safer planet and its people.

Our Value Chain

Each of product created at Leatherina combines an artisan approach to design, handmade and machine craftsmanship, and the utmost focus on quality standards.

We are continually researching techniques to ensure the best results in creating and designing using a diverse spectrum of raw materials. Every piece of material and trim is hand selected to confirm our utmost commitment to quality standard, chic design, and functionality.

Through fair working conditions for employees, and a dedication to the betterment of our community, we are continually upskilling our young artisans ultimately making a positive impact in their lives, and within the industry. Being a change maker in the Bangladeshi leather goods industry is the goal we strive for every day.

Our Ethical Supply Chain is ruled by the following regulations:

  • Our company uses natural leather sourced from Leather Working Group (LWG) certified suppliers and other verified sources.
  • As a sustainable bag manufacturer in Bangladesh, most of our bag linings are coming from regenerated sources and natural cotton materials.
  • As a responsible leather goods manufacturer in Bangladesh, we utilize materials from the local suppliers and artisans whenever possible to minimize our carbon footprint.
  • Like the primary materials, trims are also sourced from responsible and certified suppliers.
  • Our first choice is always bio-compostable and recycled packaging in our never-ending quest to discover the most environmentally friendly packaging alternatives.
  • Aiming to be the trusted leather bag supplier in Bangladesh, we are committed to source our raw materials from verified suppliers who do not engage child or forced labour and do not exploit wages. Before purchasing goods from small businesses, we employ our own monitoring and verification system to screen out the unfair practices from the supply chain.
  • Our anti-plastic policy restricts excessive usage of plastic and petroleum-based materials, such as PU, PVC, PPE, and so on while we assess alternatives for interlining, reinforcement and packaging. Plastic is our last choice to use, and we avoid it unless it is a must. However, we have been using recycled PET fabric which were sourced from certified suppliers.

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