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Safe leather:

Leatherina believes, sustainability is the most responsible development path for businesses. We try to ensure that our tanners comply with international standards.They do not release untreated, harmful effluents in environment. Our production method prevents excessive wastage of water. Leatherina also cares for the health and safety of its workers as well as the end user — and that is you!


Our leather products set a benchmark in standards because of the quality of fabric, hardware, webbing, adhesive, thread and even the hangtags we use. At Leatherina, we monitor our suppliers to ascertain their compliance with eco-friendly methods. We source from vendors who prioritise sustainability, fair treatment of workers and quality control.

Chrome application:

We assure you that the tanning processes of leather we source never include harmful chemicals. We assure you that we are very vigilant about the use of harmful substances. We strictly monitor the process and adhere to the international standards for chemicals like chrome.

Machines and Craftsmanship:

We at Leatherina believe in the longer term. Hence, we do not turn away from investing on machinery and equipment that in turn guarantee efficient operations for years to come. As for craftsmanship, we give our workers the best tools to ensure their safety and also their productivity. Not only that, Leatherina boasts an innovative combination of traditional methods and cutting edge technology which is one of the secrets behind our outstanding product line.

Supply chain traceability:

We make sure our suppliers understand our priorities and they in turn ensure full traceability of materials. Thus it becomes easy to ascertain environmental compliance standards of Leatherina in all aspects of production.

Journey into fair trade and ethical fashion:

From design to marketing, from production to retailing, we maintain fair wages for all our employees. We ensure safe working conditions and actively stand against labour exploitation. We believe in fair trade and are always on the lookout for partners who help the cause. Our commitment and openness towards sustainable production, environment-friendly material and animal welfare make our products unique. We also encourage stakeholders to visit our facilities because we strongly believe such transparency will satisfy curious buyers like you and raise awareness too. Leatherina assures adequate social security for women workers. That includes fair wages, leave management and equal treatment. Leatherina considers its 70:30 women-men ratio a sign of success in attracting women to the production floor!

Lifestyle upgrade:

We believe a dedicated designing unit results in good innovation. Our affordable and innovative design means, customers are fashionable and trendy. And sometimes, we take that extra leap to become the trend-setter ourselves! Our sensible approach keep the prices within reach without giving up on fashion, which has already made Leatherina product line a major hit locally.